Protecting your Privacy

BOB is committed to protecting our customers' privacy. The confidentiality of your personal information is fundamental to the way we conduct our business. We protect any personal information that we hold from misuse and loss. We also protect if from unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.


Protecting your Confidentiality

We have the duty to keep confidential all personal information we hold about you, including:

  • your name, address and contact number; and
  • details of transactions on your account


How do we use your personal information

We collect your personal information to provide you with a particular product or service; for example, opening a account.
We may also use your personal information for such other purposes:

  • servicing our relationship with you;
  • internal accounting and adminstration;
  • regulatory reporting and compliance;
  • protecting you and BOB Group from error and fraud; and
  • helping us to identify and inform you about other products or services that may be of interest to you.


Disclosing to third party

BOB Group does not disclose names and address to third parties for the purposes of allowing them to direct market their products and services unless you have given your prior consent.


Direct marketing and your privacy

From time to time we may use the personal information we have collected from you to identify products and services, which may be of interest to you. We may contact you by phone or any other electronic means to inform you about these products and services

If you do not wish to receive direct marketing information, you may choose to unsubscribe to the service at any time.


We endeavour to keep your Personal Information up-to-date

The accuracy of personal information about you will enable us to provide you with the best possible service. Kindly ensure that any changes to your personal information is accurately reflected in your account details.


Resolving your concerns

We respond quickly to complaints.
If you believe that the privacy of your personal information has been compromised, you are entitled to raise your concerns with us. We will respond to your complaint as soon as possible within 3 working days, to let you know who is responsible for managing your complaint. We will try to resolve the complaint within 10 working days. When this is not possible, we will make contact with you.


How to make a complaint

If you have a complaint about the handing of your personal information, you are entitled to complain. We will take responsibility for your complaint at the point where the problem occurs.
You can contact us via e-mail at